Ur Web Developer

Sincerest heartfelt welcome to UR Web Developer ! UR Web Developer which is situated at Delhi is a website design and online marketing corporation for an identical reasonable charge.

With our wonders always set on your business purposes, we at UR Web Advertising employ state-of-the-art strategy, design, online marketing and expertise to produce optimistic results. We’ll do more than shape a website or online marketing program – we will create a carefully crafted cyber-presence for you that will communicate directly with your goal audience in a way that will resound and captivate their interest.

Below are the services which we provide:

  • Entirely Customised or Semi-Customised Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites Designed to Trade
  • Search Engine (Google) Favourable Websites
  • E Commerce Resolutions
  • Advertising Operations: Search & Media Planning
  • Easy Website Forming Tools
  • Sparkling Flash Animations
  • Android & iPhone Apps Extension
  • Mobile Website Modification
  • FaceBook Landing Page Design
  • FaceBook Admirers Page Marketing
  • SEO & Lead Generation & PPC
  • Content Management System Development

Pay Per Lead Ability: Pay on real hot interested customers only – Large Saving for your business

UR Web Developer its not just a design and improvement firm, but we also specialized on building top ROI campaigns by generating HOT leads to your business. What your marketable worth if you don’t have clients, which are generating your business cash flow. With UR Email Marketing is online Email Marketing service, you can pay attentiveness on producing sales while we help you grew your business. How it works? We do all the efforts of the advertising for you, advertise your business on Local databases such as Yellow pages, Yelp, search engines and more… the lead is generate on real time and sent to your cell phone and email instantaneously when the lead is generated on real time, so you can catch the Hot lead right away and close a sale. This way you can Save time and money.

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