Membership Sites

Membership software frequently refers either or one of two things:

  • Membership management software – used by membership-based organizations (such as associations and clubs) to maintain their membership records, automate applications and regeneration etc. ( closely related to association management system )
  • Membership website software – to administer free or paid membership-based access to website (e.g. premium content), typically integrated with a content management system But there few membership software which can handles both Membership management software can be further classified in three categories:
  • Software as a service (aka hosted software, cloud software, online software, web-based software)
  • Desktop software – software you install on your own computer
  • Web application – software you can install on a web server (website)
  • Membership website software is characteristically offered in one of two ways:
  • Tag on to a content management system
  • Software as a service

Membership or Continuity Programs Paid membership programs are an additional way to monetize existing traffic. Almost certainly the most well known media membership sites are the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In the gaming world, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has millions of members.

But there are many other kinds of member sites that cover niche markets. Often people join to get access to content and expertise, or for community, such as discussion or bulletin boards. The term “continuity” is used because the goal is to develop income continuity. Instead of making a one-time sale of a product or service, the membership site brings new, repeated income every month.

In addition news, other kinds of membership site comprise health, fitness, marketing, copy writing, social media expertise, paper products, dating, paper crafting, scrap booking, coaching, writing and many other applications.

Experts in the membership site field say that “people come for content and stay for community.” The challenge of a member site is to retain paying members. Some sites, like the New York Times, present some free content and then, charge a fee for more in depth access, or access to special kinds of content. Some sites offer downloads of audio or video content, free graphics, free software that is only obtainable to members. Many sites also offer webinars to members. The webinars are often recorded as video, audio and also transcribed, creating more special content that’s behind the pay wall.

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