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Now day’s e-learning is becoming a popular concept. E-learning is a contemporary thought of learning which actually remove hindrances and enables to grasp knowledge through multi media devices.


E-learning is a generally large-scale term that portrays educational technology which mechanically or technologically supports learning and teaching. Bernard Luskin, a pioneer of e-learning, advocates that the “e” should be interpreted to mean “exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent, and educational” in addition to “electronic.” This broad understanding focuses on new applications and developments, and also brings learning and media psychology into consideration. Parks suggested that the “e” should refer to “everything, everyone, engaging, easy”.

The various facet e-learning industries are resourcefully noteworthy, and was estimated in 2000 to be over $48 billion according to conservative estimates. Developments in internet and multimedia technologies are the basic enabler of e-learning, with consulting, content, technologies, services and support being identified as the five key sectors of the e-learning business. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are used extensively by young populace.

E-learning has at the present been taking on and used by various companies to inform and educate both their employees and customers. Companies with large and spread out distribution chains use it to educate their sales staff as to the latest product developments without the need of organizing physical onsite courses. Compliance has also been a big field of growth with banks using it to keep their staff’s CPD levels up. Other areas of growth include staff development, where employees can learn precious workplace skills.

There are so many vendors which are spread across the market to provide the e-learning services. But it is your choice to pick the best one which can serve you better by its extended services and will full fill your requirements.

UR Web Developer is one of such vendor which can really full fill your requirements and will make you feel good and it will share enough knowledge with you from your interested field.

Below are the solutions which UR Web Developer can provide you at a very reasonable cost.

  • Bespoke e-Learning Development,
  • Mobile Learning, Rapid Authoring,
  • Translation & Localization,
  • Game Based Learning,
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Responsive e-Learning development.

You may write to our representative to know more or else can visit our website.

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