Stationery and Visiting Cards

In the beginning the term stationery referred to all products sold by a stationer, whose name indicates that his book shop was on a fixed spot, usually near a university, and permanent, while medieval trading was mainly peddlers which are including chapmen, who sold books and others such as farmers and craftsmen at regular markets such as fairs. It was an amazing term used between the 13th and 15th centuries in the manuscript culture. The Stationers’ Company formerly held a monopoly over the publishing industry in England and was responsible for copyright regulations.

Now a days marketing of Stationery and Visiting Cards are often threatened by electronic media. As stationery is fundamentally linked to paper and the process of written, personalized communication, many techniques of stationery manufacture are employed, of varying desirability and expense. The most familiar of these techniques are letterpress printing, embossing, engraving, and thermographic printing which are often confused with thermography. Flat printing and offset printing are regularly used, particularly for low cost or informal needs.

Visiting cards become a crucial tool of decorum, with sophisticated rules governing their use. The essential convention was that one person would not expect to see another person in her own home (unless invited or introduced) without first leaving his visiting card for the person at her home. Upon leaving the card, he would not expect to be admitted at first, but might receive a card at his own home in response. This would serve as a signal that a personal visit and meeting at home would not be unwelcome.

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